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Even though tens of millions of searches are run by end clients through image banks every day.


of the available pictures
never get bought


As a result, end clients have to face the following:

  • lengthy search process, that complexifies the purchase decision
  • worn out and out-of-date picture stocks
  • stanrdardized offer with little semantic value
  • complex licensing and terms of use

On the other hand, photo suppliers tend to:

  • overproduce, not knowing the real needs of end clients
  • lose control over license fares
  • face major cuts in earnings
  • struggle to get paid in a timely fashion


Ucapt offers a simple, both effective and
fair B2B platform

Clients are directly put through photographers to get unique and customized proposals that they can swiftly buy from their smartphones.


For Clients

  • Free app
  • Quick purchase of customized pictures
  • More valuable contents through better narratives
  • Access to an international network of talents
  • Real-time monotoring of the picture production process
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy licensing and terms of use

For Photographers

  • Prospecting supported through Ucapt
  • Accurate identification of customer needs
  • Control over pricing
  • Low commission fees
  • Quick and secure payment

Our team

Complementary talents with
a total experience of 60 years in the digital industry